Steps to a Healthy Home

Steps to a Healthy HomeHere are the Steps to a Healthy Home.

#1 Build a Healthy New Home (this is the most cost-effective method) OR

#2 Retrofit your existing home


Here are the steps to retrofit your home:

Step 1.  Schedule your Healthy Home Inspection.

Step 2.  Get your Good-Better-Best Option Report from our healthy home inspector.

Step 3.  Allow 2-3 days for our professionals to make your home healthy.

That’s it!  You could be breathing clean air in less than 2 weeks, depending on availability.


More about Building a Healthy Home… The reason it is sometimes more cost effective to build a healthy home than retrofit an existing home is because, depending on the age of the existing home, there can be many challenges to retrofitting a home to be healthy.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1. It can be difficult to tighten the building envelope

2. There could be insufficient space in the attic for the new systems

3. Clean water systems are most efficient when designed to be clean water systems from outset.

If you feel that your existing home might still be a good candidate for a retrofit, please contact us.


In fact, contact us to find out more about building a healthy home or to schedule your Healthy Home Inspection.