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Imagine a home where you breath clean air – hospital-quality air – all day and night! Even as you sleep, your body is protected from toxins and allergens that can, over time, cause potentially life-threatening illnesses. After working so hard to eat right, take all the appropriate health supplements, and take care of your body, why wouldn’t you want to breath the best possible air and drink the cleanest water while in your home?  This is the question asked by the “Healthy Home Builders”, aka Jenkins Custom Homes.

The Healthy Home employs the latest technology to provide the healthiest air, water, and environment for you and your family.  Not convinced you need a healthy home?  Read our latest article about the importance of indoor air quality.  After all, it is not a single chemical that can make us sick, it is the culmination of the many, many chemicals used to build our homes, keep them clean, and enhance our lives and make us look good (hairspray, for example).


In order to establish a program to build healthy homes, Custom Home Builder, Jenkins Custom Homes started with the experts.  After meeting with doctors to discuss the importance of clean air and water, the “Healthy Home Builder” formulated the Healthy Home Standard©.  This standard examines each component of the custom home in order to determine whether or not it meets the Healthy Home Standard.  If it does, it receives a Healthy Home Standard© seal of approval.  This allows the homeowner to decide which components are most important and starts a dialog about keeping their home healthy.  To learn more about the program and how to build your next home up to the Healthy Home Standard©, contact us.


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